07 December 2009

There, That's Better

i love christmas-looking blogs ... sometimes, i think i might keep it up all year 'round, like the tree -- contrary to what david would like!! actually, as long as it's *not real* (i hate saying, *artificial* -- makes it seem sooo .... fake!!!), he doesn't care how long it's up ... must be his experience managing 911-call centers that does it: *the needles are dry and it could catch fire!* ... my reply, of course, as the little devil thinks: *i've had trees for longer than you've been alive and never had a fire, plus, i keep them lit 24/7* ... but, the boss speaks, i listen ... a BIG ho ho ho on that!!!

we went stove shopping again ... nothing, nada, nil, none ... maybe we will have a stove by the time the v's come *over the river and through the woods,* to visit ... i'm hopeful! if not, we all freeze our heineys off!

we finally did freeze our heineys off -- most important ... DAVID froozze his off:  he lit the wood stove! the little devil that LOVES THE HEAT is soooo happy ... it's been 86 in the house today ... oooh, that little devil is happy and warm!

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