21 March 2008

thought of the day ...

henry ford said: "Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas."

i see myself this way and i hope i will always feel like this and my energy will rub off on others and impart that *i can do anything* feeling!.

moving right along with home cleaning ... in anticipation .... only 103 hours till the plane touches down in seattle, tuesday night .... hooooraaay ....

  which color gold do ya'll like????

19 March 2008


today is our third anniversary -- in march we will be sealed 2 years -- i like that one the best.

I Love you, Sweetheart!

we were married civilly 19 feb, SEALED 18 MARCH 2006 -- hmmm ... where am i? oh, yea, i know, getting ready for the o's, which might be called, *obsessive*! LOL

i think we are down to or close to or near to, not counting sunday, 120 hrs before the invasion of the O's . i was hoping to paint, then, thinking further, and with considerable experience encountering the *artistic talents* of the O twins (thank you, ethan in particular and the great job you did on the landing)

and mr. isaac, love ya isaac and ethan and elijah, i might have to pass on that silliness in favor of just doing a good job of sweeping and cleaning LOL !

i saw this on a friends blog yesterday and had to put it here, too ...

Here's To Good Women:
May We KNOW Them,
May We BE Them,
May We RAISE Them!

i better get going or i will be sorry i sat so long at this blog ... literally, sooo little time and sooooooooo much to do!!

17 March 2008

imagine this .....

just imaging what it will be like to actually journal ... hmmmm ...

until that time, though, i can honestly say there is much work to be done here *on the farm* in anticipation of the arrival of the *O Gang* next week ... in fact, it's countdown time .... and there are only about 133 waking hours (or less -- YIKES!!!) to make this nest NOT a mess! LOL