13 November 2009

I should have known better .....

than to actually believe I was going to blog daily or every couple of days or, even, weekly ... that should read *weakly* and let it go at that.  who was i kidding .... you should, dear readers, have known  better, too, knowing me as ya'll do ....

We are getting ready for a visit from not only Tev, but Molly and Mike and baby Siiah next week. That means the wood stove will be connected (alas, it's been in the low 20s or so at night here the past week, veering into the teens, like 19 degrees .... brrrrrr ... and freezing), although, lest you think our home is cold, it's not; it's just not 80+++ like I like it!!!

David is very happy basking in a *perfect home* .... 68 in the morning when we awaken, and not much more than that in the day. Why he stayed in Yakima all these 36 years, i'm not sure. It's devilishly hot in the summer -- 90s and 100s+ and the winter is chilly, not really cold (oh yes, you canadians, will completely understand COLD, and this is not.) .... the little devil in me wants to turn our bedroom heater uuuupp to 80 when he's sleeping ... LOL ... the little devil would be gleeful, for sure!

we laid the bamboo floor, now just need to do the molding and repaint the walls ... oh, and paint the brick fireplace the same green as the walls. Bless Sharon for scraping and cleaning all that brick, lo, years ago ... removing the white paint was a terrible job, and now i'm going to repaint that same brick ... hmmmm .... i guess, what goes around seems to come around.

gotta go and get lots done before we check out a new wood stove in the tri-cities ... don't hold yer breath for another epistle soon; i will put up pics after molly et al leave.

here's some weekend spiritual enlightment. Enjoy!