11 July 2008

crisis in the garden ....

it's been pretty hot -- 90s and 100s -- and the garden needs a lot of water ... yesterday one broccoli plant was leaning and i could see they all needed to be showered ... all was well until the wind kicked up -- by *kicked up,* i'm meaning LOTS OF WIND .... i had the tiny non-rotating sprinkler on and it blew lots of water at the very tall corn (it's taller than me ... yes, i know, that's not a stretch -- pardon the pun) ... as it did that, it weighed the corn down and the first five or so stalks in the three rows tipped over.

this is the rascal of a very thirsty broccoli, this morning, that started all the ruckus in the garden:

this is what happened to the corn rows -- david added some soil to the bottoms of the first two rows, but we have not gotten to the rest yet:

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